Friday, March 31, 2017

An Index into Archie's Archives

I'm not really sure how many visitors there are to this Archie's Archives website, but I for one use it heavily when I want to hear some of the old stuff from the radio days, when WXPI was still on the air for reals, as we say.

The way the links are structured, you have a continuous mp3 of each quarter of the show, but no way to get each individual cut.  In fact, it might not be legal to serve up the material divided up into individual pieces.  But I'm seriously considering providing an index into the website in show order, that is, roughly chronological order, so that anyone interested can go directly to the item of interest.  (Of course, they will have to sit through a large fraction of a half-hour long "podcast" to get to it, and listen to all my comments.)

So here it is, starting with the first program, and I will add to this as I have time and energy:

Show 101
July 5, 2014
Trios (and triple counterpoint)
Introduction to Archie’s Archives
Bach:  Organ fugue in A minor, BWV 543

Beatles:  You’re going to lose that girl

Bach:  Trio Sonata in E Flat, BWV 525, Movt. i

Hopes for this show.  (We did not stick to these objectives!)

Bach:  Ach, wenn wird die Zeit erscheinen?

Episodes:  Train Wreck

Bach:  Trio Sonata from Musical Offering, Movt. ii  (from Music at Menlo)

Peter, Paul & Mary (Gordon Lightfoot):  In the early morning rain

Haydn:  Trio

Wagner:  Prelude to Die Meistersinger—ending.

Bach - Walton:  See what his love can do  (Seht was die Liebe tut)

Tom Lehrer:  Alma Mahler

Signoff:  Tune (adapted from Starlight Serenade, by Jonny Heykens)

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